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With Coach Misty


Q: When and where did you compete in your first triathlon? Do you still compete?

A: In 2001 I competed in the Florida Atlantic University Sprint Triathlon, in Boca Raton. I can honestly say I never stopped competing. I don’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t signing up for a race or competition. It is who I am and I am sure it will be a part of my life for many many more years to come. Whether it be triathlon, a local 5k, a
friend daring me to join them in a new sport or race...I am always willing to toe the line.

Q: How did you become involved in triathlon?

A: I had a few friends that were apart of my University Women’s Rugby team that were interested in competing in a tri and when they asked me to join in on some training and signing up for one I was in. We all had a swimming background, we just had to find bikes. One of the girls and I still compete today although she went more of the ultra marathon and Ironman route recently, where I ventured off road into the Xterra and
Adventure Racing scene.

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Q: Most of us have someone who has inspired us or motivated us to become the driven athlete or coach we have become, is this true for you?

A: I was born into a very competitive, hard working, and adventurous family. My parents taught me and showed me how to give 100% not only in sports, but in all walks of life. Taking on a challenge has always been apart of my life. I have had countless wonderful mentors and coaches along the way, but it all started watching my father compete in marathons and my mother at her dance recitals. And I was lucky enough to have 2 sisters that don’t like to lose whether it is building the best fort or racing across the yard.

Q: Why sets you aside from other triathlon coaches?

A: First, my years of education and ever growing knowledge of exercise physiology . I have a deep passion for the development of an athlete (both adults and youth), and my degree in exercise physiology was just the foundation to how to transition an athlete to reach their goals and athletic potential. Over the past 15 years I have had the opportunity to
work with beginners all the way up to professional athletes across all three disciplines in triathlon. No matter what goal an individual has for the sport of triathlon, coaching each level athlete complements the coaching learning experience.

Second, my expertise in strength and conditioning adds a unique insight to fine tuning an athlete’s training and injury prevention plan. I have also been able to spend countless hours on the pool deck with survival to elite swimmers of all stroke abilities over the past 15 years. I am easily among the top swim stroke analysts. Being able to critique a person’s bio-mechanics outside the water and in gives me much better insight to improve on a swimmer’s efficiencies in the water.

Finally, among a long list of certifications is my massage therapy license. In 2013 I went back to school to get a degree in massage therapy and being able to physically manipulate body tissue has given me an edge to coaching that I never thought possible. Through deep tissue, sports, and clinical massage I have been able to better asses when athletes are over trained, help detect onset of injuries, or aid in sport related injuries.

Q: What are some of your coaching qualities that someone looking for a new coach might find in you?

A: I do not have a cut and dry approach to my clients. Each individual brings a uniqueness to the coaching plan I write for them. Just as a person learns at their own level, I have found a coaching plan needs to be created solely to fit that athlete needs and goals. The development and periodized plan must also mold and bend for them. The expectation of both the coach and athlete must be established and the lines of communication must be open.

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