How Can You Benefit From A SLAP Private Coaching Session?

Improve a Weakness

Work with a USAT Certified SLAP coach on a sport or skill that has been holding you back. Examples include transitions, bike corners, etc.

Build Conficence

Let us help improve your comfort and confidence in a sport where you are nervous. Examples are swimming in open water, clipping into your bike pedals, etc.

Move to the Next Level

The SLAP Coaches can find one or two small things for you to work on that can lead to faster times. Examples are running form, open water skills, etc.

Master a New Skill

If you are new to one of the sports in triathlon, a SLAP Coach can help you master the skills involved with cycling, running, and transitions.


Schedule a 1-on-1 Coaching Session

Name of Athlete

Examples of Private Sessions Include:

  • being comfortable in open water
  • skills for open water swimming
  • using a wetsuit
  • drafting in the swim
  • setting up a transition
  • what gear to use in a race
  • bike handling skills
  • learning the bike rules
  • elite bike mounts & dismounts
  • clipping into your pedals
  • how to run off the bike
  • basic running form
  • how to pace a run
  • setting up a race schedule for the season
  • using your Garmin watch
  • and MUCH more!

Ready to Schedule a Private Session?

Don't hesitate to drop us a message and get in touch about setting up a private coaching session. We will get back to you ASAP and connect you with the best coach to meet your needs!