Local Clermont Gym

202 Hatteras Ave, Clermont, FL 34711

Amp'd is a beautiful facility located in Clermont that is designed for groups to train with premier instructors.

ACSM Certified Coach

SLAP Coach Misty Becerra is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. She has 10+ years of experience designing strength training programs for athletes.

Group Strength Training

Build you strength and stay injury free with the SLAP 6 week group training sessions. The group will meet 2 x per week for 1 hour each.

Group & Solo Options

  • Personal Strength Training Plan - $100 per session
    • One 60-90 minute session with Coach Misty to assess your personal strengths/weaknesses
    • Instruction/Demonstration of strength exercises and movement patterns
    • A 4-6 week strength training routine will be written up for you to follow on your own
    • Encouraged to come back in 4-6 weeks to repeat the process for an updated strength program based on the time of season & number of weeks until your 'A' race
  • 6-Week Group Training - $300 for SLAPPERS ($350 for non-SLAPPERS)
    • Limited to 4-10 participants
    • Meets for 12 x 1 hour sessions
    • Tuesday 6-7p & Friday 6-7a
    • Offered at critical times during the season for building strength - TBD, contact us for more info

Endurance sports are all about repetitious movements and actions. And while all the long training sessions keep us fit and healthy, there is always a risk of injury! Strength training is an often overlooked part of triathlete's training plan...so we've come up with a solution to the challenge of finding and doing a triathlon-friendly strength program!

Coach Misty has been an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer for 10+ years. She's worked with countless endurance athletes in South and Central Florida (including Coach Sara when she was still racing professionally!) and is looking forward to getting back in the gym with motivated SLAPPERS!

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SLAP Strength Training

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