SLAP Swim Analysis & Swim Lessons

Our goal as swim coaches is to help you swim comfortably, more efficient, and faster through the water. Whether you are trying to stop struggling across the pool or drop a minute off your race time, we can find small technique changes that will result in large gains in the water.


Swim Lessons

SLAP Swim Lessons are designed for the intermediate swimmer/triathlete looking to improve their basic understanding of stroke technique. If you can already swim freestyle across the pool with your face in the water, this is the session for you.

Work directly with an experienced and knowledgeable SLAP Coach on the pool deck. A single one-hour, in-person lesson will do more for your swimming than all the books and YouTube tutorials ever can!

Book a Swim Lesson Package and save some money. Purchase 3 lessons for $180.

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Swim Analysis

Have you reached a plateau in your swimming? Hitting the same times at every race? During a Swim Analysis, we will use above & underwater video to analyze your technique and then provide explanations, feedback, and practice drills for you to break through to the next level. This session will take 60-90 minutes at the pool. You will be emailed a detailed analysis and video clips to study.

We always want to see you back in the water after your original swim analysis to make sure that the technique changes are being understood and implemented correctly. A Swim Analysis Package includes the original Swim Analysis ($100 value) plus 2 follow-up Swim Lessons ($130 value) with the coach at 2-3 week intervals.

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Are you a Beginner Swimmer?

We also off Adult-Learn-to-Swim lessons and group sessions. Check out the page with more information.

What if You're Not Local...

With the all amazing modern technology, we can even analyze your stroke technique from afar! If you can't make it to Central Florida (seriously, just tell the family you're taking them to Disney) we can still help you get faster in the water. Email us directly to work out a long-distance arrangement.