SLAP Summer Camp Recap

Location: National Training Center (Clermont, FL)

We hosted 5 successful SLAP Summer Youth Tri Camps in 2020! Participation ranged from 4-10 athletes. Each camp included some form of swimming, cycling, and running...and plenty of FUN along the way! There were scavenger hunts, water balloon relays, hill climbs, bike skills, snake swims, and lots of team work.

At the August 5th camp, the Cherry Lake Farms race organization surprised the #miniSLAPPERS with a donation to host a future camp FOR FREE! We are currently finalizing a date and location and will update the website and social media accordingly.

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Upcoming Camp Dates:

  • A FREE camp will be updated soon! Check back and stay tuned on social media for details.

Q: WHO is SLAP Youth Tri Camp for?

A: SLAP Tri Camp is for kids 6-16 years old that want to come train, learn, and have fun with the SLAP Coaches and other members of the SLAP Youth & Junior Tri Team! Campers do NOT have to have any triathlon racing experience to participate (but they do need a bike without training wheels and must be able to swim the length of the pool).

Campers will be divided into groups of similar age and ability for the swim, bike, run, and transition training sessions.

Athletes do not have to be local to Central Florida or Clermont, nor to they have to be part of the SLAP Tri Team to attend camp! We have the largest and most experienced triathlon coaching staff in Central Florida...we invite anyone to attend and benefit from the skills and training, as well as meet other awesome triathletes.

Q: WHAT is the camp focus?

A: These 2020 Summer SLAP Tri Camps (post-COVID quarantine) will primarily be focused on reviewing triathlon skills, practicing group training skills, and helping the campers get back into training. Camp activities will include: pool swimming, open water swimming, cycling, running, transitions, mental skills, strength, stretching, and much more.

Q: WHEN is camp?

A: Camp Dates

  • Wednesday, July 22, 9:00a-1:00p

Q: WHERE is camp?

A: SLAP Summer Tri Camp will be held at the National Training Center in Clermont. Here are some examples of the activities planed:

National Training Center:

  • classroom with A/C for storage of bikes & equipment as well as cooling off between sessions and eating/drinking snacks and lunch
  • biking and running on the South Lake/West Orange Trail with no cars
  • running hills in the grass field
  • swimming in the NTC pool for swim practice from 12-1p

Q: WHY are we hosting this camp?

A: We are so excited that the Florida government ENCOURAGED youth sports and activities to resume this summer. While we will be participating in group activities, we will also be adhering to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and facility protocols for the safety of the campers and the coaching staff.

Our goal is to get the SLAPPERS excited, interested, and re-engaged in the sport this summer for some healthy activity and socializing with others.

There will be at least 2 SLAP Coaches on site at each camp to work with the athletes.

Q: HOW MUCH is camp?

A: Each 4 hour day camp is  $70. We are offering eight 1/2 price scholarship ($35) to any family/athlete that could use some financial assistance due to the COVID crisis.

To apply for one of the SLAP Tri Camp scholarships, please send us an email to In the email, please have your camper answer the following questions:

  1. What is your favorite part about triathlon?
  2. What do you want to learn at camp?
  3. Who is your hero/roll model?

Q: What are some other important details?

A: Phones are allowed. But athletes will be expected to put them away at Coach's request for group activities, training, and information sessions.

Parents cannot remain at the NTC during camp (unless you are a member). Parents are WELCOME to attend adult SLAP swim practice 12-1p. Please be ready to collect camper and gear from the front entrance at 1:15p.

**ALL Athletes will need to provide their own food and hydration for the duration of camp. Please send your child with 1-2 snacks, an easy lunch, and 2-3 water bottles filled with water and/or sports drink. There will be NO sharing of food with other campers and SLAP will ONLY provide bottled water when needed.**

Q: What are your COVID-19 protocol?

A: We will be observing social distancing guidelines during camp. Upon arrival, campers will be assigned their personal "area" by laying a yoga mat or large towel on the ground. Campers and coaches will be discouraged from physical contact (hugs, high-fives, etc) except in an emergency. There will be NO sharing of food or drinks. We will have hand sanitizer and campers will use it as we change sessions or take a break to eat.

Each camper and their family will also be respectful and not bring a sick or ill athlete to camp...please notify us ahead of time and we will transfer your registration.