Youth Swimming

Youth Swim Lessons

UPDATE: The Wednesday sessions from Jan. 20-Feb. 24 have one remaining slot at 3:30p.

If you are interested in registering your child for a future session, please express your interest by sending us an email (use the contact form at the bottom of this page). We will give you first priority for future registration!

6-Week Swim Training ($180)

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Whether your child enjoys swimming for fun, for fitness, or for competition, our SLAP Coaches will provide creative lessons that encourage stroke development and improvement at all levels.
Due to COVID restrictions, the only group SLAP training sessions are occurring on Tuesdays, from 12:00-1:00p, at the National Training Center pool in Clermont. Sessions are $15 each and more details are on our site here.
In Celebration, we are offering a 6-week package of 30-minute private sessions. These sessions are one-on-one with the SLAP Coach on deck (even family members must train separately). To register your child for the January 20th to February 24th program, please follow the instructions below:
  1. Click here to complete the SLAP Waiver for your child.
  2. Choose an available start time from the sign up sheet above (your child will swim at this time EVERY Wednesday).
  3. Use the PayPal button above to pay for the 6-week program.
  4. Arrive at the hospital 10-15 minutes early each week to proceed through the COVID screening, sign in at the front desk, and make your way out to the pool deck. Late athletes will not be given additional training time.
  5. Wear a mask at all times inside the hospital and the pool area. You can watch your child swim from the side of the pool or you can exit the building and come back to collect them at the end of their session.
  6. Sessions will be EVERY Wednesday from January 20th through February 24th. There are NO make up days (we have to pre-pay for the pool space).