On March 17th, Swim Like a Pro suspended all group training activities  and private lessons in response to the growing world-wide pandemic. We have sincerely missed coaching on deck and watching the #SLAPPERS and #miniSLAPPERS accomplish each challenging workout.

We do not have an estimated date for re-starting group workouts or being able to provide private sessions again. Stay tuned on our social media for updates.

The Swim Like a Pro YouTube Channel is now live! Check out the videos we've posted (workout ideas, stretching routines, strength programs, etc) and SUBSCRIBE to be notified when we post more.

The SLAP Coaches Sara, Misty, Michelle, and Liesl will continue to provide personalized training programs and complete coaching packages. If you need motivation or accountability to help your training progress, please contact us!


The SLAP Tri Team

Two of the most active triathlon teams in Central Florida have joined forces to provide you with the best coaching, training, equipment, and gear! The SLAP Tri Team website outlines all the details, benefits, and perks of being a #SLAPPER! Come join the fun!

Triathlon Coaching

Whether you are a first-timer, youth athlete, or looking to qualify for a world championships...we have experienced coaches to help you achieve your goals

Swim Sessions

Swimming is a very technique-oriented sport. The SLAP Coaches are here to turn your struggle into success in the water. We can help at every step...from learning how to swim to setting PRs.

Don't Forget the Kids...

Our favorite group of all! The SLAP Youth & Junior Team is a triathlon team for kids 16 years and under based in Central Florida. We offer group training, summer camps, personal coaching, and support at local kids events.