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We are here to help make all of your triathlon, swimming, and endurance goals a reality. Are you ready to take the plunge with the #SLAPPERS?

Whether you’re aiming to complete your first triathlon with a smile or qualify for the World Championships, our experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate coaches are here to help you achieve your goals. A SLAP Coach removes the guesswork from training, letting you concentrate on race-day execution.
We’re passionate about swimming and the SLAP coaches are eager to share that love of the water with you! We specialize in making you faster, more efficient, and more comfortable in the water. Whether you’re learning how to swim or aiming for PRs in the water, we are here to help at every step.
Join the SLAP Youth & Junior Team for multi-sport fitness, weekly group training, and local race support. Our goal is to inspire lifelong healthy habits in young athletes.
The High Performance Squad is the competitive team for athletes 13-19 years old pursuing the Olympic pipeline.
Swim Like a Pro has teamed up with Winter Garden Wheel Works to provide you with the best coaching, training, friendships, socials, equipment, and gear for all of your racing success. Join the SLAP Tri Team by completing the waiver online.
The SLAP Tri Team does not have any participation requirements, no application process, no payments, we don’t limit our membership, nor do we ask you to fulfil any media obligations.