Learn-to-Swim for Adults

It's is NEVER too late to learn how to swim. We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the water...for playing, swimming, exercise, recreation, or competition. Our compassionate Coaches will be in the water teaching you the skills necessary to improve your confidence.

Swim Practices

We offer 15+ group swim practices for US Masters Swimmers and Triathletes each week around Central Florida. Find us in the pool in Clermont, Celebration, Windermere, St. Cloud and in the lake in Clermont. A SLAP Coach is on the deck at each of the 1 hour workouts, delivering a fun and creative swim set for swimmers of all ages and levels.

Swim Technique Sessions

These are swim lessons on steroids! The SLAP Coaches have years of experience working with athletes of all levels to improve their swim speed, form, and efficiency. Whether you've been swimming for 10 days, 10 months, or 10 years, we can help you get faster in the water!

Swim practice at the AdventHealth Wellness Center Celebration pool.

Early morning practice at Windermere Prep.

Technique clinics are offered monthly.

Group training in the lake is our most popular session.

The beautiful NTC pool located in Clermont.

Get your Swim Gear

Dash Sports would like to offer SLAPPERS 10% off their swim bundle of paddles, kick board, mesh bag, fins, and pull buoy.
Let Dash help you find the right size and fit of equipment so you are most comfortable! They also fit you for the right goggles. And swimsuits are always on sale!

Order your Swim Gear

If you aren't local, order your swim gear from Swim Outlet. If you have questions about what kind of fins, paddles, etc. that you should purchase...send us a message!

We also have group training for kids...

Our youth triathlon team has group training sessions for swim, bike, and run. If your little ones are inspired or want to try a triathlon...check out the SLAP Youth & Junior Tri Team!