Swim Coaching

Chose from the coaching options below to find out how we can help you reach your swimming goals.
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Swimming is not just a sport for young athletes. Masters Swimming is a worldwide program for athletes 18 years and older who want to train and compete at the highest level.
SLAP Masters is a passionate USMS (US Masters Swimming) team that offers 9+ weekly group workouts through the entire year. We have professional coaches at every session who make sure that every athlete in the water receives a high-quality workout. No matter what your swimming speed or experience is, the daily workout will be modified to your ability.
You can benefit greatly from training with other athletes, having a coach watch your progress, maintaining accountability, and staying motivated in a race-like environment. Group swimming is so much better than trying to train alone!
If you want to learn more about our weekly sessions in Clermont and Celebration, check out our SLAP Masters Swim Practice page. Join us and discover your full potential!
Whether you have hit a plateau in your swimming, or you are looking to find more speed, or if you are just confused about all the swim technique jargon and want some concrete answers…a 1-hour technique session with SLAP will help you get moving in the right direction!
Coach Sara has been working with swimmers of all levels for over 10 years and has helped athletes shave seconds and minutes off their times. She’ can answer all of your technique questions, correct swim-related misconceptions, and get you swimming easier, quicker, and more efficiently in the water.
Schedule a Swim Technique Session with us at the Clermont NTC pool (outdoors, heated). You can purchase a single session but we highly recommend our 3-pack to be spaced out over 1-2 months to help you properly develop the best technique and remove the bad habits. 
There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to swim later in life. We’ve worked with individuals who had near-drowning experiences in their youth, or just never had the opportunity to learn how to swim. We also work with a lot of individuals who want to learn how to swim to play with their kids or grandkids in the pool, beach, and water parks. Another common reason to learn how to swim as an adult is the motivation to complete a triathlon or other endurance event!
No matter what your reason is, we can’t wait to help you fall in love with the water! A SLAP coach will be IN the water with you to provide a comfortable and stress-free environment.
One package of Learn-to-Swim Lessons includes 4 x 1-hour lessons. Our Team Manager will work with you to schedule each session about 1-2 weeks apart for consistency and frequency in the water. After you complete a pack of four lessons, your coach will recommend if you should purchase another package of lessons or continue practicing on your own. 
*We highly recommend that you have access to a local pool to practice the skills on your own in-between your scheduled sessions with a coach!
Being comfortable in the open water is very different from pool swimming! If you’ve never swam in the open water, or if you’ve tried and have had less-than-stellar experiences, we highly recommend setting up some open water lessons with one of the experienced SLAP coaches.
Let us help you learn how to relax and trust your own abilities in the open water, especially in a crowded triathlon swim. Improve your open water skills like sighting, drafting, and pacing during a private session so that you are confident and prepared on race day.
Schedule an Open Water Session at a beautiful lake in Central Florida. 
We also have weekly group open water swim training sessions as part of the SLAP Masters Swim Practices. These are organized group training sessions at Clermont’s Waterfront Park with the SLAP Tri Team, a coach, and a workout to give you lots of great experience for race day. 

Destination Swims

We love to travel and swim in new, fun, and exciting locations. Each year we organize a team swim excursion to explore a new place to swim. We've swam at Rainbow River, Honeymoon Island, Epperson Lagoon, Lucky's Lake, and many more!

Youth Training Group

Don't forget about the kids! We have an amazing schedule of weekly swim, bike, and run training sessions for youth athletes. If your little ones are inspired by their multi-sport parents or just want to try a triathlon...check out the SLAP Youth Tri Team (aka: the #miniSLAPPERS)!

Beautiful Facilities

Central Florida boasts many locations and facilities for swim training. We've partnered with some of the best to offer you a smooth swim training experience. From the NTC in Clermont, to the Fitness Center in Celebration, Lake Louisa State Park beaches, and Waterfront Park along the shores of Lake Minneola...no matter where you train with us, you will be able to enjoy the whole experience.