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Private Swim Lessons

The SLAP Coaches have a passion for the water and our goal is to share our love of the water with you. The goal of every SLAP coach is to help you be comfortable and confident in the water, be prepared for all situations, have an efficient technique, and compete faster in your races.
Whether you want to learn how to put your face in the water, swim easily across the pool, or improve your race pace and PR…we can provide the coaching and support to help you reach your goals.
The SLAP coaches have 15+ years of experience working with athletes of all ages and abilities. We look forward to helping you find small technique changes that will result in large improvements in the water.
If you are an adult, 18 years or older, and would like to learn how to swim, please contact us (below) to start working with our amazing coaches!
Many people have a near-drowning experience in their lives. Maybe you’ve made a goal to conquer your fear of putting your face in the water. A SLAP Coach will get in the shallow water with you and lead you through a series of drills and exercises to help you learn to float and blow bubbles underwater.
Set up private lessons with a SLAP Coach to learn survival swimming. You will be more comfortable at water parks, boat trips, paddling a canoe, water skiing and so much more.
Every day, 8 adults die in the United States from drowning and 1/3 of adults cannot swim the length of the pool. Lead by example…learn how to swim for your family and friends. Show them that you can learn how to enjoy all the water activities that Florida has to offer!
A 4-pack of lessons will be scheduled once a week for a month. We highly recommend that you secure pool access for yourself (gym membership or backyard/community pool) to practice the skills between sessions.
SLAP Technique Lessons are designed for the intermediate swimmer/triathlete looking to improve their basic understanding of stroke technique. If you can already swim freestyle across the pool with your face in the water, this is the session that is best for you.
Work directly with an experienced and knowledgeable SLAP Coach on the pool deck. A single one-hour, in-person lesson is $75 and will do more for your swimming than all the books and YouTube tutorials ever can!
We recommend athletes purchase more than one session to confirm technique changes, continue to modify technique for improvement, and allow for better understanding of success in the water. Purchase a package of 3 Stroke Technique sessions and save some money: 3 x 1 hour lessons for $200.
Have you reached a plateau in your swimming? Are you hitting the same times at every race? Do you work harder but not go any faster? Are you looking for a breakthrough in the water?
A SLAP Swim Analysis is for advanced swimmers (adults and youth) who are competitive. The SLAP Coach will use above & underwater video to analyze your technique and then provide explanations and feedback. The Coach will then give you specific technique changes and drills to practice.
This session will take 60-90 minutes at the pool. Following the session, you will be emailed a detailed analysis and video clips to study.
If possible, we would like see you back in the water after your original swim analysis to make sure that the technique changes are being understood and implemented correctly. Please consider a follow up Stroke Technique session 2-3 weeks later.
The open water is very different from pool swimming. Whether it’s your first time in the lake or you’re an experienced open water swimmer…there are so many tips and tricks that can help make open water swimming easier and more enjoyable…not to mention FASTER!
Take a session with a SLAP Coach in the open water to learn new skills and practice for race day. We will use small buoys in the water to practice sighting and turns. Bring your personal “safer-swimmer-buoy” for safety and visibility in the water. At the start of the session, you will be provided with a neon green SLAP cap to wear and keep.
Are you training for a long swim or triathlon? Hire a SLAP coach to paddle board next to you for the complete distance in a training session. A personal coach can provide motivation, carry hydration and fuel, and give stroke instruction along the way.

I’m ready…What’s the first step?

  1. Contact us (using the form below) to talk about your swimming history & goals, find the right program for your level, and get on the schedule with us.
  2. Decide if you want to take just one lesson or book a multi-session package to continue improving over a 2-3 month period.
  3. Purchase your lesson(s) below. (*Pre-payment is required and an unscheduled no-show forfeits one pre-paid session. **All pre-paid sessions expire after 6 months.).
  4. Make sure your swim suit and goggles are in working order. We will provide you with a SLAP swim cap. Bring any swim equipment that you use on a regular basis. Equipment purchases might be suggested during your session to help with future training.
  5. Click here to complete the SLAP waiver before your first lesson. 

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