Youth Tri Camps

Youth Triathlon Camps

Thanks to a generous donation from a patron of the sport, all the intro/novice SLAP Youth Triathlon Team Camps will be FREE for all participants in 2021! We continue to fundraise and accept donations, sponsorships, and gear for the team. Our passion is getting children active and healthy…YOU can help us make this a possibility for more future superstars!
While there are little to no registration fee associated with camps, we still require a USA Triathlon membership (for insurance purposes), a bike with working brakes, a helmet, and every child must be able to swim the length of a competition pool with their face in the water
Each SLAP Youth Tri Camp will have a level designation (Intro, Development, & High Performance Squad) or be open to ALL levels of our team. We also welcome and happily accept parent volunteers to assist with logistics, snack time, and safety!.

Register for Upcoming SLAP Camps Here:

Registration Instructions:

  1. For “INTRO” camp, register your child(ren) using the sign-up-sheets. For “DEVELOPMENT” camp, register by paying the $40 camp fee below.
  2. If possible, volunteer for one of the camp sessions.
  3. Sign the SLAP Waiver (only necessary once per year).
  4. Look for an email with camp details and additional information in the days preceding each camp.

Intro/Novice Camp Registration

No sheets currently available at this time.

$40 Development/HPS Camp Registration:

Name of Athlete

Intro/Novice Camp (registration is closed)

November 21, 8a-12p, at Wekiwa Springs State Park

This is a FREE 4 hour camp for youth athletes 7-14 years of age with little to no triathlon experience. 
Camp will be focused on introducing the participants to the sport of triathlon, learning transition skills, having fun while participating in swim, bike, and run activities, and learning about upcoming youth triathlon races. (12/3 – CLASH Daytona in the Speedway)
Pre-register using the registration form to reserve a spot for your child (camp is limited to 25 participants).
*If you can volunteer at camp, please sign yourself up as well! We rely on parent support to make these camps a success! 

Development/HPS Camp

November 20, 8a-2p, at Wekiwa Springs State Park

This is a $40, 6 hour camp. It is for experienced youth triathletes between 7-17 years of age who are on the #miniSLAPPERS team or have received permission from the SLAP coaches to attend.
Camp will be focused on preparing the participants for the final race of 2021: December 3 – CLASH Daytona in the Speedway! We will practice with wetsuits in the Wekiwa Springs 72 degree water (pack your child’s wetsuit…we will also be distributing many free “team” suits that can be used for the winter training and then returned to the team).
Register your child(ren) by submitting $40 payment. Email us if you have any questions. **Camp scholarships are available!

SLAP Youth tri camp faq'S

A: SLAP Tri Camps are for kids 6-19 years old that want to come train and learn about the sport of triathlon.  Every camp is designated for one or more of our team “levels” (Intro, Development, or High Performance). If you don’t know what level your child is, please contact us before registering.
Camper requirements are: a working bike with sufficient brakes, no training wheels, be able to swim the length of a competition pool with their face in the water, and a positive & friendly attitude. 
Athletes do not have to be local to Central Florida or Clermont, nor to they have to be part of the SLAP Tri Team to attend camp! We have the largest and most experienced triathlon coaching staff in Central Florida…we invite anyone to attend and benefit from the skills and training, as well as meet other awesome youth triathletes.
A: Each camp has a specific focus that is detailed in the information paragraphs above. Some camps are for fun to welcome new athletes to the sport, some camps will be focused on upcoming races, etc. A more detailed itinerary will be emailed to parents in the week prior to camp. Assume that your child will need ALL their triathlon gear at each camp.
A: We are hosting multiple camps in 2021. The list of tentative dates, locations, and times are posted above. Join our mailing list and join the SLAP Youth Tri Team on Facebook to stay up to date with any changes. 
A: Most camps in Clermont will take place inside Lake Louisa State Park in Clermont. The state park has been very generous at allowing us to train on their roads, trails, and open water.
Some camps will take place at the National Training Center in Clermont. The NTC has a beautiful pool to help the team prepare for upcoming pool races.
We are looking at expanding out of the Clermont area for camps later this year and welcome suggestions for locations that permit safe training of all three sports.
A: We enjoy brining the #miniSLAPPERS together for longer training sessions to allow them to get to socialize and build a “team.” Our goal is to encourage participation and grow the team…one of the best ways to do this is by making sure that the young athletes are encouraged to have FUN with the sport and training sessions.
Some of the camps will also be focused on preparing the athletes for specific upcoming races. Our highly qualified SLAP Team Coaches will work with the athletes on their mental and physical preparation to perform well on race day.
A: Thanks to a generous donation from a patron of the sport, all the SLAP Youth Tri Camps in 2021 are FREE to all intro/novice participants! It has also allowed us to offer our weekend/day camps for a nominal fee.
We continue to collect donations and fundraise for the youth team…if you have any ideas, please let us know we can secure more funds to welcome more and more young athletes to the sport!
A: Athletes are allowed to have their phones at camp…but they will be expected to put them away at Coach’s request for group activities, training, and information sessions.
Please pack all swimming, cycling, and running equipment. Based on the weather for the day, please pack appropriate clothing and changes of clothes. At least 2 full water bottles are required for each camp, as well as a couple snacks.
Every camper MUST have a USA Triathlon annual membership and have signed the SLAP waiver (just once) in 2021.
Parents, please inform the SLAP Head Coach (Sara McLarty) of all of your child’s health issues, learning challenges, allergies or similar. This information will help us keep your child safe and allow your child to have a more positive experience at camp. 
A: We will do our best to observe social distancing guidelines during camp. Masks are welcome to be worn, but not required when we are outside. Masks ARE required when inside at the NTC facility except when exercising.
Upon arrival at each camp, athletes will be assigned their own personal “area” by laying a yoga mat or large towel on the ground. Campers and coaches will be discouraged from physical contact (hugs, high-fives, etc.) except in an emergency. There will be NO sharing of food or drinks. We will always have hand sanitizer available.
Each camper and their family will also be respectful and not bring a sick or ill athlete to camp…please notify us ahead of time and we will remove you from the registration list.