Personal Coaching With SLAP

There are many options for triathlon coaching locally and online. Why should you choose a SLAP Coach to help you reach your endurance goals?

Truly Personalized Coaching

Your training plan and workout sessions will be written for you, and you only. You coach will tailor your schedule for your life/work schedule, your personal goals, and your ability/experience level.

Professional Coach

Work directly with an experienced Coach of your choosing. We don't hand you off to a lower level/junior coach. All SLAP Coaches have years of experience and education.


The SLAP Coaches have first-hand experience in a wide range of endurance sports. We can provide quality, professional coaching for swimrun, adventure racing, aquathlon, duathlon, aquabike, open water swimming, trail running, marathons, and much more!

Training Peaks

Workouts are written, delivered, and analyzed via Training Peaks. Athlete and coach can access from anywhere on their phone. Each week's training is delivered on Sunday afternoon. Changes and alterations can be made at any time based on fatigue, illness, schedule conflicts, etc.

Communication with Coach

We maintain an open dialogue with each of our athletes through all forms of communication. This allows us to monitor your training, make changes, answer questions, and provide motivation & encouragement.

Face-To-Face Time

Local athletes encouraged to attend group training sessions with the SLAP coaches as often as possible. Face-to-face time allows the Coach to discover any hidden fatigue or emotional distress. SLAP Coaches are often present with the SLAP Tri Team tent at many popular local events (Haines City 70.3, St Anthony's, Heartland, Sommer Sports, Augusta 70.3, etc).

All The Pieces

We care about more than just the swim, bike, and run. We work with our athletes to design race schedules, nutrition strategies, strength training, injury prevention, technique flaws, time management, and much more.

Group vs. Solo Training

Open invitation to join multiple group training sessions with the SLAP Tri Team each week. Group training provides accountability, encouragement, and motivation. However, we respect our athletes' choices to train solo when they choose.

Life Balance

We design your training around your life, family, and work schedule. We acknowledge your likes and dislikes when planning your workouts. Because mental health is important, we prescribe at least one day off each week.

Ready to Hire a SLAP Coach?

Drop us a line to introduce yourself and tell us about your triathlon and endurance goals. If you haven't already been in communication with Coach Sara or Coach Misty, we want to get to know you. This is also where you can ask us questions or schedule a phone call/in-person meeting to find out more information.


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