Youth Triathlon

SLAP Youth & Junior Triathlon Team

SLAP Youth & Junior Triathlon Team is divided into three levels: Intro (Youth Intro Team), YDT (Youth Development Team, also subcategorized into Junior & Senior levels), and the HPS (High Performance Squad, also includes the pre-HPS group). All of the team training sessions, local youth races, and camps can be found on the team calendar below…each session will have a designation for Intro, YDT, or HPS.  
In 2022, there are no overhead membership fees to join or participate on the team. Coaching fees are only required for weekly training sessions ($15 per session or $150monthly) or camps. The newly redesigned SLAP Tri Team race kits, hats, visors, shirts, and more are available for purchase at your convenience at Winter Garden Wheel Works.
We welcome young athletes between 6-17 years old, all ability levels, and any experience to join the SLAP Team…but please contact us (using the form below) before attending your first session. Our training sessions take place throughout Central Florida…from Clermont, to Winter Garden, to Orlando, and Oveido. Our goal is to make training sessions convenient to families on the East & West sides of the Orlando area.

Monthly Training Fee ($150)

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The monthly fee is required for all regularly attending #miniSLAPPERS (while they are active with the team). Single session payments are only for visitors, friends, or new athletes

Single Hour Fee
($15 per hour)

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Group training sessions are $15 per child, per hour. *2 hour training sessions are $30 total.
Every child MUST have a current USA Triathlon Youth Annual Membership before participating in any SLAP training sessions. 
This $10 annual fee provides your child and our team with insurance. This membership is also required for participation in any event or camp during the season.
The SLAP Waiver must also be completed for your child before their first training session!

Join the Facebook Group

Click to join the SLAP Youth & Junior Tri Team Facebook group for events, training, racing, and social event updates. You can also find equipment hand-me-downs and out-grown bikes for sale!

Frequently asked questions

We welcome all kids between the ages of 6-17 years old. Each child must know how to swim across a 25 yard pool with their face in the water (contact us for learn-to-swim lessons). Each child must also have a working bike (no training wheels allowed) and a properly sized helmet.
There are no annual fees. Only single-session or monthly payments and additional fees for weekend camps/clinics. Athletes are encouraged (but not required) to purchase and race in a team kit from WGWW. We also have team shirts, cycling kits, running hats and visors, swim caps, etc. We understand that the sport itself is expensive and we don’t require the purchase of any gear.
For insurance purposes, it is REQUIRED that your child has a USA Triathlon annual membership ($10) before attending ANY training session or camp with the SLAP Tri Team. Please respect this requirement for our safety and the safety of your child(ren). Click here to purchase the membership online.
No problem! We welcome beginners and experienced triathletes. Kids learn fast and love to train with others. We will help you (the parents) navigate the world of triathlon and prepare you for spectating at your first event!
Here is a helpful list of equipment that you will need:
  • a sporty swim suit
  • goggles
  • swim cap (provided by the team or the race)
  • wetsuit (optional)
  • swim training equipment & mesh bag (order fins in appropriate size)
  • a bike with working brakes
  • a properly sized helmet
  • sunglasses (optional)
  • dry-fit/sporty clothes for training
  • 1-2 water bottles
  • sunscreen & hat/visor
  • running sneakers
  • elastic laces (optional)
  • race number belt (provided)
  • transition mat or towel
  • a large bag to carry all the above gear!
Only the ones that you want to participate in. There are no competition requirements to participate on the team. Typically, there are a handful of races for kids right in Central Florida and Clermont during the summer so travel is minimal.
Athletes on the SLAP Development & High Performance Squad will be encouraged to travel and race out of town and out of state.
We have mutiple talented and experienced SLAP coaches that can be scheduled for one-on-one coaching sessions. Our most popular lessons are for swimming skills and cycling skills. More details, payment, and scheduling options are on the Youth 1-on-1 Lessons page. 
The Intro & Youth Development Team (YDT) races will vary in distance from race to race, but typically fall in this range:
  • the 10 and under age groups – 100 yard swim, 3 mile bike, and 1/2 mile run.
  • the 11 and older age groups – 200 yard swim, 6 mile bike, and 1 mile run.
The SLAP High Performance Squad (HPS) athletes will compete in draft legal national cup races and local sprint or super-sprint races.
  • Youth Elite (YE 13-15) – 375 meter swim, 6 mile bike, 1.5 mile run.
  • Junior Elite (JE 16-19) – 750 meter swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.
Youth Intro Team – the Intro team is for our novice and beginner athletes, as well as athletes that want to continue to participate in the sport without being competitive. All athletes with no triathlon experience (regardless of age, 6-17 years old) will start on the Intro team to learn all the skills and rules involved with the sport of triathlon. The goal of all Intro training sessions is to have fun, learn skills, make friends, encourage participation, and athlete retention (aka: encourage the athletes to WANT to return to practice/camps/races).
Youth Development Team – the YDT team is for athletes that have participated in at least one season of triathlon and show or express a desire to be competitiveAthletes on the YDT team are required to have more advanced racing equipment (racing bike, team kit, elastic laces, etc) and are encouraged to attend as many camps and training sessions as possible to be ready for upcoming races.
Parental involvement is very important at this level to provide additional support. A monthly “workout guide” will be emailed to all parents of the SLAP YDT team to provide additional workouts to be completed at home (in addition to the weekly group sessions). Joining a local swim team is also highly encouraged to provide the necessary swim skills and additional weekly workouts.
SLAP High Performance Squad – the HPS team is for athletes 12+ years old that have shown excellence in past races and want to make a “full-time” commitment to the sport. The HPS team is by invitation only (contact Coach Sara if you think your child qualifies or want more information). These athletes are training 10+ hours per week and are focused on racing at the Youth & Junior National Cup races around the country. HPS athletes are required to order and purchase an ITU-style racing suit for Cup races. 
HPS athletes must sign up for monthly personalized triathlon coaching with Coach Sara or be members of a competitive swim team and running club in their area. This is also the best track for a young female triathlete to take towards getting an NCAA Triathlon college scholarship to one of the 35+ national schools that offer competitive teams!
Check out the calendar below for ALL the information (dates, times, locations, and more details) for all the SLAP Youth Tri Team training sessions, races, and camps.
Each item on the calendar will have a designation for the group(s) who should attend: Intro, YDT, or HPS.
Training sessions are $15 per athlete per hour or $90 per month. Camps are all FREE in 2021. Races will have a link to the registration page (don’t forget to check the weekly SLAP email for discount codes).

SLAP Youth Team - Training, Racing & Camp Calendar

June 2024

  • HPS - Pleasant Prairie Cup
  • **FAST & FUN** Saturday Training
  • HPS - Pleasant Prairie Cup
  • 2024 Florida Polytechnic Bike Trial Series
  • **FAST & FUN** Sunday: Swim & Bike Training
  • **PAUSED**Eastside: Swim & Bike & Run Training
  • **PAUSED**Eastside: Run & Pool Swim
  • Central: Bike Training
  • **PAUSED**Eastside: Swim & Bike & Run Training
  • **PAUSED**Eastside: Run & Pool Swim
  • Central: Bike Training
  • HPS - Jenny Lee Tri Cup
  • **cancelled**Swim & Run Training
  • HPS - Jenny Lee Tri Cup
  • **Cancelled**Swim & Bike Training
  • Eastside: Swim & Bike & Run Training
  • **PAUSED**Eastside: Run & Pool Swim
  • Central: Bike Training
  • Central: Swim & Run Training
  • Central: Swim & Bike Training
  • Eastside: Swim & Bike & Run Training
  • HPS Training Camp
  • Eastside: Run & Pool Swim
  • Central: Bike Training
  • HPS Training Camp
  • HPS Training Camp
  • HPS Training Camp
  • Central: Swim & Run Training
  • HPS Training Camp
  • Central: Swim & Bike Training