Hello "Future Triathlete"!

We are so excited that you are interested in taking the plunge into the world of triathlon…and we want to make sure that your experiences is smooth, enjoyable, fun, full of new friends and teammates, and that your first (and second, and many more) races are finished with a smile on your face!
A SPRINT TRIATHLON is a great place to start in the sport:
  • 400-750 meters of open water swim
  • 8-12 miles of cycling on paved roads
  • 3.1 miles/5k of running (walking is allowed :))
The triathlon community and the SLAP Tri Team is a welcoming, diverse, and accepting group of athletes…at one point, we were all where you are right now: preparing for our first event. And we were all nervous, scared, a little bit excited, and filled with tons of questions!
Let our professional coaching staff help you get to the finish of your first races feeling confident, prepared, and excited!

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Name of Athlete
No matter what level athlete you are (and maybe you don’t consider yourself an athlete yet)…you CAN complete a triathlon in 8 weeks with the coaching, encouragement, and guidance offered by the SLAP Coaches!
The SLAP team and coaches are amazing and encouraging. The team workouts are always fun.
Coach Beth was absolutely amazing! She encouraged me to challenge myself and pushed me in subtle ways at every practice.

2024 – SLAP Try-A-Tri Program #2


Training Start Date – April 15, 2024

Pineapple Man Triathlon on June 2, 2024 in Melbourne Beach, FL

The second SLAP Try-A-Tri program in 2024 is open to men & women who will be training for the 38th running of the Pineapple Man sprint triathlon on June 2nd. Led by SLAP Coach Beth Baumgarten, we are excited to welcome a new group of people to the sport of triathlon. The theme of this life-changing experience is fun, friendship, and fitness. The program will run from April 15th to June 2nd and conclude with participation in the Pineapple Man sprint triathlon hosted at Ryckman Park in Melbourne Beach, FL.
We are excited to welcome a group of 5-10 novice people that are interested in a positive, fun, and group experience to prepare for their first (or second/third) triathlon. Coach Beth (with her years of personal race experience and compassionate coaching methods) will lead the group with weekly in-person training sessions, discussions, and group chats to help everyone to understand all the terms, info, rules, best methods, gear choices, and techniques to have a successful finish. 
Leading up to the race, you will meet and be mentored by other SLAP athletes who have completed the SLAP Try-a-Tri programs and have continued in the sport to this day. Even on race day, you will find course-wide support from other members of the SLAP Tri Team (commonly known as #SLAPPERS)…from pre-race check in, to team Coaches lining the course with encouragement, to teammates cheering along the course, and a special celebration at the team tent after you cross the finish line!!
What is included with this program?
Prior to the start of the program, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire about your current abilities in each sport, what gear you already have, what your past sporting history is, and what your triathlon goals are. Coach Beth will reach out for a quick chat to introduce herself and answer any last minute questions you might have.
  • All SLAP Try-A-Tri athletes will be set up with an online Training Peaks account to receive and record their daily training workouts.
  • There will be 2 weekly in-person training sessions with the other Try-A-Tri athletes and the SLAP Coaching squad (Sara, Todd, Beth, etc): The days and times of these sessions will be determined closer to the start of the training program to match with the group’s availability. 
  • We offer 9 weekly group swim workouts in the pool and you are invited to participate in 2-3 sessions each week that fit best with your schedule. At these pool sessions you will get to interact with other #SLAPPERS (the term for everyone on the SLAP Tri Team) that will gladly share their personal advice and stories from their first race experiences.
  • All participants will be invited to attend a swim stroke technique clinic with SLAP Head Coach Sara McLarty to learn the basics of a successful freestyle technique and how to prepare for the open water conditions.
  • You will get to select a free SLAP Tri Team Hat or Visor…and you are encouraged to visit our partner bike shop (Winter Garden Wheel Works) to check out our team triathlon race kits and apparel (not mandatory).

Frequently asked questions

This program is a perfect way for first-time, novice athletes to get involved in the sport of triathlon. We help with everything…from the training, to the gear, to the nutrition, to the rules, and so much more!
But, if you’ve already done a triathlon or two, this program can help make your next race smoother, faster, and more fun! You’ll learn a new skill or technique each week…and you’ll be racing like a pro!
The program fee includes 6-8 weeks of coaching from an encouraging and inspiring SLAP Coach. Your coach will arrange in-person training sessions, send you workouts to complete on your own, be available to answer all your questions, and help keep you motivated along the way.
Also included is:
  • one SLAP swim stroke technique clinic (scheduled at the beginning off each program).
  • 2+ weekly in-person coaching sessions with your SLAP Coach.
  • 2 months of SLAP swim practice so that you can attend group training with other #SLAPPERS.
  • a SLAP Tri Team hat or visor from Wheel Works.
  • a discount code to register for the upcoming race
Contact us to see if we can work you into an already existing program that is training for a similar race date. If not, you can always register for one of the races we are preparing for!
The sport of triathlon is a huge family that supports each individual. There’s no time like the present to challenge yourself to something like a race that involves THREE sports! We promise that it’s life changing!
Submit your payment above using your best email address during the PayPal checkout. As soon as we receive your payment, we will reach out to get in touch with you and send a questionnaire.
Want to speak with a coach before registering? No problem! Use our “Contact Us” form below. 
You will be encouraged to join at least two of the 9+ weekly SLAP group swim sessions at your convenience. We train at the Clermont NTC pool and the Celebration Fitness Center pool. All of our group swim sessions are on the team calendar.
You will meet with your SLAP Coach and the rest of the Try-a-Tri group on Wednesday afternoons in Lake Louisa State Park. The riding and running is very safe on the roads, there is a lake for swimming, and a large parking lot for transition practice.
Finally, the Saturday morning training will take place at Waterfront Park. These training sessions will be “race specific” with open water swimming, transition practices, brick workouts, team chats, guest speakers, and more!
The remainder of your weekly workouts will be delivered by an app to your phone for you to follow on your own (or with friends)!