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Sprint Triathlon is:

  • 400 meters of open water swimming 
  • 10-15 miles of road cycling
  • and a 5k run/walk

And we believe that YOU can do it!

Join the SLAP Triathlon Team & a USA Triathlon Certified Coach for 8 weeks of group training, mentoring, coaching, friendship, and fitness.

The SLAP Try-A-Tri program ends with group participation in a local sprint-distance triathlon event (event registration not included in coaching fees).

No matter what level athlete you are (and maybe you aren't an athlete yet) CAN complete a triathlon in 8 weeks with the coaching, support, and guidance offered by Coach Liesl!

In the SLAP Try a Tri program you will learn:

  • How to run off/after the bike leg
  • What is a "transition" and how to transition smoothly
  • How to swim straight in the open water
  • What are the rules on the bike
  • What gear you do an do not need
  • What to wear during a triathlon
  • How to change a flat tire and other maintenance
  • How to clip into your bike pedals
  • The tricks to getting a wetsuit on and off
  • And so much more!!

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$375 per session
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Work with a SLAP Coach

Coach Liesl and Coach Michelle are the perfect fit for our SLAP Try a Tri program because they are always positive and encouraging. Liesl & Michelle enjoy making a positive impact on people's lives and triathlon is a great sport to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle. We were all beginners once...just have the courage to take the first step and we will help you conquer your goals!

  • The SLAP Try a Tri program is NOT just for first time Triathletes! We provide coaching and support for 1st-timers to 5th-timers who want to improve their overall triathlon experience. 
  • If you want to do more than just 'survive' a triathlon, then this 8-10 week SLAP Try a Tri program is for YOU!  
  • The SLAP Try a Tri program is designed with the novice and beginner in mind.  We will help you move smoothly from swim, to bike, and along the run to the finish line!  
  • The program includes access to over 15 coached weekly workouts, education seminars, cool swag from Winter Garden Wheel Works, race entry discounts, and training with the SLAP Tri Team athletes and coaches!

Don't take our word for's what previous participants are saying:

"If you are on the fence about trying a triathlon, don’t be. The SLAP Coaching team will have you good and ready by race day." - CW
"I just completed the program and I had a blast. You will be in great hands and I made some new awesome friends as well. Jump in with 2 feet and do it you will be happy that you did." - NI
"These women coached me through it all! I have learned that great things never come from comfort zones. I’m thrilled I got out of mine to see what all the hype was about. It feels incredible! When was the last time you did something for the first time? Join us! #SLAPPERS" - JS
"Such an awesome time training with this group of ladies for the last 8 weeks for my first Sprint Triathlon. Swim Like a Pro coaches are so inspiring and fun. Lots of hard work and a long way to reach my goals but I know I’m in good hands!" - SR