Masters Swim

SLAP Masters Swim Practice

We are the largest, longest running, and most organized US Masters Swim Team in Central Florida. The SLAP swim workouts are all 1 hour in length and do not require an additional facility membership. We provide coaching and support for individuals training for US Masters swim meets, open water swim races, triathlons, swimrun events, general fitness, and much more.
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced athletes can ALL benefit from professionally coached practice sessions. Each of the SLAP coaches have decades of experience working with swimmers and triathletes. Our passion is helping YOU achieve your GOALS…while having a bit of FUN along the way! We welcome USMS Masters swimmers, triathletes, and fitness athletes of all ages (18+), abilities, and athletic goals.
All participants MUST have a current membership with US Masters Swimming OR USA Triathlon. Please bring proof of membership to your first swim or email us a copy.

SLAP Coaching Fees:

$75 Monthly Autopayment

The monthly payment entitles each athlete to unlimited swim practices at all pools and open water training.

$10 Single-Session

A drop-in fee for visitors only. Local athletes are encouraged to register for the monthly package.
Athlete's Name:

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Connect with teammates - Learn about upcoming race opportunities - Share race news and info with the local community - Catch updates about practices and training locations - Ask questions and help others find answers - Cheer for others and get accolades for yourself!

The Gold Club logo identifies Masters clubs and workout groups that provide members with the best Masters Swimming experience possible. Gold Clubs have a U.S. Masters Swimming–certified coach on staff, participate in fitness events, and offer a free trial to potential members, among many other benefits.

Practice Locations & Training Schedule



Masters Swimming is a training group for anyone 18 years and older. We have a youth triathlon team for athletes under 18 years old…or we suggest joining one of the local Central Florida age group swim teams.

can i just try it out before joining?

Come try one or two practices for free! Meet the coaches, try out a swim session, ask questions, meet the other swimmers, check out the facility and pool, etc. Email us ahead of your first swim so we know to expect you on deck!

Do I have to compete or race?

Nope! You can use the swim training for fitness, exercise, and health. You can use the group for accountability and motivation. Exercise is always more fun when you’re suffering with friends!

I'm not a swimmer, I'm a triathlete.

Awesome, we are a swimming AND triathlon coaching company so we love everyone equally! We will help you achieve YOUR goals in the water…whether they are swim racing, triathlon racing, or general fitness.

How often do i have to train?

As much (or as little) as you want! Now that you’re an adult, there are no mandatory requirements for attendance at training. This is for your benefit and enjoyment. So, swim when you want to, don’t swim when you don’t want to.

what are the workouts like?

We typically follow the pattern of: Monday = distance; Wednesday = speed; Friday = fun. Tuesdays and Thursdays are coach’s choice. But at every workout, the coach will offer multiple “modifications” of the workout to accommodate various speeds and levels of swim ability.