About Us

The SLAP Story & Vision

Swim Like A Pro started in 2013 with a passion for triathlon, swimming, adventure racing, swimrun, and so much more. It started as a niche program that focused on quality swim instruction for adults in Central Florida…and has grown into a nationally recognized endurance coaching organization. 
Our coaching philosophy is rooted in longevity in the sport and creating a healthy lifestyle that can become a life-long passion. Whether you enter the sport with a “one and done” mindset or with a long term vision…we will fully support YOUR goals and help to make them a reality. Throughout the process, you will become part of the #SLAPPERS community where you will gain inspiration from others and hopefully inspire friends and family to “try a tri”. 
The primary goal of SLAP is providing a path to success while ensuring that you enjoy the journey. We encourage a balance of family, work, and sport so you still have fun and enjoy competing in this sport for many years.  
The SLAP coaches have participated, competed, and instructed at all levels of endurance sports. With this experience, SLAP aims to provide the highest quality of professional coaching for every athlete in our program.
We have multiple coaching accreditations, certifications, and years of education and experience in triathlon, swimming, and every other multi-sport event possible! We enjoy sharing our knowledge with beginners and experienced athletes alike to help everyone reach their goals in sport.
In training, our motto is to “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” It reminds us that success is never easy and simple to attain. The path to our goals is always going to have challenges…but when we take each hard workout as just one more step closer to our goals, we finally get to enjoy the journey. 
You can find the #SLAPPERS representing the local SLAP Tri Team and accomplishing their personal goals at events throughout the country and around the world. Come join us, meet the amazing team, and let’s get started on accomplishing all your goals!

The SLAP Coaching Staff

Swim with Sara

January 19, 2023

The SLAP team is an awesome group of people- everyone was so friendly and helpful I hardly felt like a newby!

Working with Sara was the best! She has so much knowledge on triathlon and she helped me with my swim like no one has before!

Very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.



January 19, 2023

Making the commitment to sign-up for the Try-A-Tri program was exactly what I needed to learn how to properly prepare for a Sprint Triathlon. Getting past my anxiety in open water swims, training accountability, and encouragement from other athletes were the biggest “take aways” for me personally. Coach Beth was absolutely amazing! She encouraged me to challenge myself and pushed me in subtle ways at every practice. Coach Sara encouraged me to finish strong at swim practice and I always left each session feeling accomplished. Her coaching style helped elevate my anxiety in open water practices by moving at a pace with which I was comfortable and she always asked about my comfort level before adding a new drill. On race day, I felt confident and physically prepared. The support from Coach Beth, Coach Sara and the #SLAPPERS made the entire experience awesome!


I’m very active person.

June 7, 2021

I’m looking for someone to guide me how can I prepare myself for next year to do a triathlon.

Sofia Calles

Joining SLAP is an investment in yourself

August 27, 2020

As an age group athlete I have always just put the miles into training and finished my races satisfied with my times. I finally decided I needed to learn to swim better. I took some lessons from Coach Sara and joined the SLAP Tri Team. Not only did my swim improve but also my motivation to train. I then asked Sara to coach me for a race the following year. I now get weekly training schedules that are structured and keep me on track to have my best race possible. I can see measurable improvements in my run, bike and swim. There are no junk miles. All workouts have a purpose. Not only am I confident that I am going to have a great race but I have learned how to train my body for future races. Joining SLAP will be the best investment you make both financially and physically.

Mike M

This Group will Change Your Life!!

August 21, 2020

The SLAP team and coaches are amazing and encouraging. The team workouts are always fun. As someone who did not know how to swim a year ago and was afraid of the water, thanks to SLAP I am now comfortable in the water and consider myself a decent swimmer, who still has a lot to learn 🙂

Edwin J.