About Us

The SLAP Story & Mission

Established in 2013, Swim Like A Pro (SLAP) initially focused on providing quality swim instruction for adults in Central Florida. Since then, it has evolved into a nationally recognized endurance coaching organization. Our coaching philosophy centers on fostering a lifelong passion for a healthy lifestyle within the realm of triathlon, swimming, and other endurance sports.
Whether you approach the sport with a short-term goal or a long-term vision, SLAP fully supports YOUR objectives. By joining the #SLAPPERS community, you’ll gain inspiration from others and potentially motivate friends and family to “try a tri.”

Our primary goal is to guide you on a path to success while ensuring you enjoy the journey. We emphasize a balance between family, work, and sport, promoting lasting enjoyment in the sport for years to come.

SLAP coaches, with extensive experience in various endurance sports, provide professional coaching for every athlete in our program. Armed with multiple coaching accreditations, certifications, and years of education, we’re dedicated to helping both beginners and experienced athletes reach their goals in triathlon, swimming, and other multi-sport events.

Our motto is "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable." This reminds us that success is challenging but achievable. We face each hard workout as a step closer to our goals and that allows us to appreciate the journey.

Join the #SLAPPERS and represent the local SLAP Tri Team at events nationwide and worldwide. Come meet the team and let’s embark on the journey to accomplish all your goals together!