Group Coaching

SLAP Group Coaching

What are the benefits of the SLAP Group Coaching? Why choose a SLAP coach versus training on your own, using a long-distance coach, or trying to follow a generic program on the internet?


This coaching program is tailored for athletes looking for an affordable but personalized coaching option for success.


Each athlete will get a weekly training plan that is designed for your "A" race, targeted on your personal goals, and designed for your schedule.

Training Partners

Meet new people and train with other #SLAPPERS! Triathlon should not be a solo journey...easily set up training plans with other athletes in the group.

Face Time

Your training plan will include workouts with the SLAP Coaches multiple times each week. Get high quality feedback, correction, encouragement, and much more.

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Ready to Join the Group?

Contact us (below) and introduce yourself! Tell us about your triathlon and endurance goals.
If you haven’t already been in communication with a SLAP coach, we want to get to know you. This is how you can ask us questions and schedule a meeting to find out more information.

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Frequently asked questions

The monthly Group Coaching fee includes everything you need to find success at an affordable price: unlimited communication with your coach, group training sessions (SLAP practice fee is included), pre-planned workouts updated weekly on Training Peaks to fit with your life schedule, pre-race planning and post-race recaps, a SLAP Coach on-site at many local events, discounts at Wheel Works, and SO much more!
We do not require a minimum duration. We suggest that you start at least 5 months before a 70.3, and at least 3 months before an Olympic distance race. You can cancel your monthly Group Coaching at any time. Your auto-payments will be cancelled at the conclusion of your event (discuss with your coach the option to continue with the program for a future group event).
Perfect! This is a great coaching option for you! You will benefit from the personal leadership and direction as you prepare for your first long-distance race. The entire SLAP Coaching staff will be at your disposal for questions and feedback during your journey!
No problem…we can still help you prepare for your event and we will match you up with other SLAPPERS preparing for that event (or one close by on the calendar). Training with others makes the challenging workouts more fun and provides accountability and comradery!