SLAP Group Coaching

What are the benefits of the SLAP Group Coaching versus training solo or via a program on the internet?


Athletes looking for an affordable but personalized coaching option.


Get a monthly training plan based on your "A" race and personal goals.

Training Partners

Easily plan meet-ups with other SLAPPERS on the same training plan.

Face Time

Training sessions with the SLAP Coaches multiple times each week.

New Distance

Safely and confidently prepare for a new/longer race distance.

Your training will be designed for you to have a peak performance at one of these local events:

**Athletes will be encouraged to participate in other events and races along the way. Each person's training program will be adjusted to reflect their personal race season.

**The Group Coaching program includes your monthly SLAP Tri Team fees! And you get lots of cool team swag from Winter Garden Wheel Works.

coach liesl

SLAP Coach Liesl

Athletes will be working directly with Coach Liesl. Sign up and start the Group Coaching program any time (we do request at least 3 months for Olympic distance, 5 months for 70.3, and 9 months for a full Ironman).

Once we have your contact information, Coach Liesl will get in touch with you to schedule an introductory phone call or in-person meeting.

Ready to Join the Group?

Send us a message to introduce yourself and tell us about your triathlon and endurance goals. If you haven't already been in communication with a SLAP Coach, we want to get to know you. This is where you can ask us questions or schedule a phone call/in-person meeting to find out more information.

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Sign up for SLAP Group Coaching

$140 per month (auto-billing)
Athlete's Name:
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