SLAP 70.3 Group Coaching

What are the benefits of the SLAP 70.3 Group Coaching versus training on your own or trying to follow a generic program on the internet?


Athletes looking for an affordable but personalized coaching option for the 70.3 distance.


Get a monthly training plan based on your "A" race and personal goals.

Training Partners

Easily plan meet-ups with other SLAPPERS on the same training plan.

Face Time

Training sessions with the SLAP Coaches multiple times each week.

New Distance

Safely and confidently prepare for a new/longer race distance.

Your training will be designed for you to have a successful race at one of these 2020 SLAP Tri Team 70.3 events:


  • We recommend starting SLAP Group Coaching at least 4 months before your 70.3 event.
  • Participants Do Not have to be local to register for SLAP 70.3 Group Coaching.
  • You must have completed at least one sprint distance triathlon before signing up for SLAP 70.3 Group Coaching.
  • Athletes will be encouraged to participate in other events and races along the way. Each person's training program will be adjusted to reflect their personal race season.
  • The Group Coaching payment Does Not includes your monthly SLAP swim practice fees ($60)!
  • Athletes that sign up for five months of Group Coaching will receive free SLAP Tri Team swag (magnet, stickers, visor or hat, and shirt or tank) and will receive 20% off all SLAP gear at Wheel Works store.
  • Additional coaching, in the form of private lessons, will be at the #SLAPPERS discounted rate of $50 per hour. Available for all swim/bike/run skills and technique sessions.

Ready to Join the Group?

Send us a message to introduce yourself and tell us about your triathlon and endurance goals. If you haven't already been in communication with a SLAP Coach, we want to get to know you. This is where you can ask us questions or schedule a phone call/in-person meeting to find out more information.


Register for SLAP 70.3 Group Coaching

$100 per month (auto-billing)
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